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Here’s your Social Value 101 Toolkit. All you need to learn the basics, share with your team and more.

Social Value in 3 minutes

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It’s likely you are already delivering Social Value, but how do you shape it, prove it – and focus efforts in a way that has the most impact?

The guide is a useful resource that covers:
  • What is Social Value
  • Why Social Value matters
  • How you measure it
  • Where you go to get started
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Social Value FAQs

At Social Value Portal, we regularly receive questions from our members, consulting clients, webinar attendees, and many others seeking guidance on their Social Value strategies or our membership offering.

Whether you are a bidder, a buyer, a business, or have a question that spans all three categories, you can explore this guide for answers to your Social Value queries. 

Legislation quick guide

Explore the evolution of Social Value legislation and what it means for you.

The guide covers:
  • Legislation timeline
  • Why Social Value matters
  • Facts and myth-busting
  • What it means for bidders, buyers and businesses
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Missed our last session?
Not to worry, watch on demand.

Let the expert panel guide you through, led by our CEO, Guy Battle and followed by a Q&A with our attendees.

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Find out how evolved your organisation is by taking the Social Value maturity survey.

We all own the planet, and we all benefit in some way from economic and social improvement. Social Value is everyone’s business.

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